Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So has anyone ever sold anything on eBay and the buyer filed a dispute for saying the item was "item significantly not as described"  which was a lie and Paypal favor in the buyer making you pay the buyer back the money which you probably already spent and letting the buyer return the item. 

Im going to tell you a true story about what happen to me and how im tired of losing on Paypal disputes cuz if there stupid policies 

Back on August 3,2012 I had a buyer won a auction for a Louis Vuitton Bag i was auctioning on ebay, well she paid fast after the auction was over then the next day I received a email regarding the authenticity of the bag, I explain to her it was real and I had the original receipt. It was left at that till Sept 3 I received a email stating the bag was receive but damage from the zipper, but when i used the bag and before it left the bag was in perfect condition. So I explain to here y it took so long for her to tell me that. No reply well on Oct 15 last day to file a dispute on her side she email me saying she is filing a dispute with Paypal  I was very angry!! anyways so the dispute went on I sent Paypal photos of the bag and  within a couple days they favor in my decision i was surprise and happy, well about 3 weeks later I received a email from Paypal that the dispute was appeal and the decision was in favor of the buyer and I had to pay her 555.00 back. wth!! after so long I have to pay the buyer back. about 2 months pass and for Paypal to favor in her decision i was so pissed off. well!!! I called Paypal and yes i bitch at them and they didn't care at all which made me more mad. so I filed a claim with Better Business Bureau and told them the

whole story about the dispute that was done, I received the purse

 back and it was fine it was not damage, so i dont understand y she

 filed a dispute 

well on 11/13/12 I log in to my Paypal account to ship out some 

order and my account had 515.00 in it. i was like

wth y do i have that much in my account?? Well Paypal credit me 

515.00 for the dispute. =) 

SO if you want to win a dispute from eBay since Paypal protects its 

buyers and sellers get screwed over by Paypal ..... 

file a claim with  the  BBB and you might get lucky. 

So tomorrow 

I'm going to finish my xmas shopping to top it off i resold the purse 

on eBay for 578.00 =) 

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