Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bottle Caps

My Bottle caps Just came in and will be working on some bows tonite. Im so excited can't wait.
: )


ccsamantha361 said...

i am a frequent CL'er and frequently purchase hair bows for my girls....i see that your bows are not unique creations, you are trying to imitate the designs of some of the other bow makers who list on here! i see this as rude and am sure they do to!

Its A Girl Thing!


Well actual what they sell is very different to my items. They don't have mini pinwheel bows, basic boutique bows, fabric clips, pacifier clip, my caps I hardly place on bows I actual sell them online or for local bow makers. I wouldn't think its rude because bows are becoming very popular and every one has the same things. Also its up to the customer on what they like. Plz don't post rude comments on my blog this is not craigslist.

Anonymous said...

Well SAID..... Serenahlove